I Think I’ve Got IT!

Well, I had it for a brief moment. Thank goodness I lived on a farm for 20 years. I learned to temper my frustration by accepting that maintenance takes the most time. By spending more time filling tanks, sharpening blades or replacing bolts than I spent mowing, I learned to slow down and take one step at a time, else the fields wouldn’t be mowed. I learned that the most gratifying part of the process—riding and cutting the grass–was about 30% of time spent. The rest was working with the nuts and bolts, literally.

I’m reminded of those days as I finagle my way through more modern technology. I have a brilliant, stellar, shiny idea to work with as I conjure up what I hope to be useful resources. I go to expand on it through cyberspace, and I spend beaucoup time trying to learn and/or get the technology to work, etc., only to have my inspiring idea become tarnished by the side track–if I can even recall what it was.

I think the process applies to many parts of life, from getting the vacuum cleaner to function to getting our relationships to go smoothly. There’s a lot more time spent in good maintenance than in the gratification of clean floors or calm communications, especially over those dirty, rough spots.

It would be so easy if all the parts and people lined up with what I want and when I want it. But, Read on…

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