Be Happy, Be Vibrant…A Preferred Life Practice!

1. Plan: During the dark, cold days of winter it’s easy to lose sight of our health goals. Keep your goals in mind with clear intention and effective strategies of staying on your personal health-building track to greet the New Year looking and feeling your best.
The Power of Positive Persistence: Many of us have spent years carving away undesirable patterns of living in pursuit of vibrant aliveness. The holidays offer many opportunities to revert to old, familiar ways as families re-convene and childhood memories of exceptional indulgence are activated. The stresses of travel, entertaining, schedule changes and the culmination of the year’s events add to the mix for a cocktail of dizzying proportions. Remember to keep the basic elements of healthy living working in your favor. Maintain your nutritional support. (For me that includes taking Usana myHealthPak and BiOmega (EFA), drinking my shake each day and having my Usana low-glycemic bars at hand for the extra something I need when out and about in unfamiliar routines, i.e., shopping.) Maintain your exercise regime or even extend it a bit. Invite your family and friends to join in on your healthy lifestyle; take your granddaughter for a walk, make a shake with your niece or get a game of soccer going for the whole troop. These small acts will keep you mindful of your objectives for vibrant living and time to connect with those you love.
Forgive Generously: If we overindulge, acknowledge it and forgive yourself. It’s not the end of a healthy lifestyle, unless the lapse becomes a relapse. Ways to avoid over-indulgence include eating a salad, apple or shake before the event. Hunger is the irresistible ingredient to any dish, take the edge off your hunger by preventive action. If you over do it, enjoy each bite and forgive the excess.
Offerings: Offer to bring a dish. Healthy appetizers and low-glycemic desserts are bountiful, take what you know are wise choices for you and share them with others. Wow them with your creativity, fresh selections and beautiful presentation.
5. More Water, Please: Water makes up 60-70% of your body and every system in your body depends on it. Add a spritzer with some citrus or a splash of fruit juice at your party or holiday gathering. Drink 8-12 glasses (8oz each) minimum each day and add one more glass for each caffeinated and alcoholic beverage you have. Water will help you feel full, have more energy and be better able to handle everything.
6. Lifestyle Choices: Realize how much sleep and exercise YOU need every day and make them a nonnegotiable gift to yourself. You may find yourself saying “no” so you can live a bigger “YES.” Self-responsible limits are a means of providing safety and stress reduction. Go ahead, make your holiday sing by choosing stress relievers that work for you, from hot baths, to good books, to yoga or strenuous workouts, give yourself a gift that works for you.
7. Overindulge? We all do sometimes. 🙂 Drink tons of water before going to bed and take extra USANA Proflavanol C100 that night to reduce inflammation, build the immune system and detox the body. In the morning, drink a large glass of water, have a Nutrimeal shake with your Essentials/MyHealthPak and BiOmega/OptOmega to stabilize your blood sugar. Go for a workout or even a walk in the morning – the movement and endorphins will help you feel better and back on track. Most importantly, drink lots of water throughout the day, eat normally and don’t try to compensate by eating fewer calories, otherwise your metabolism will adjust and slow down.
8. Create Connection: Enjoy the Holiday Season for what it is about, family, friends, and connections – not eating. Being mindful of what you eat and attentive to the people you are with, it’s easier to fill up with heart-felt connections instead of foolish food choices. When you take the focus off of food many other things about the holidays shine through!

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