Welcome – repost from Tending the Healthy Hearth March 31, 2010

Moving, moving, moving through life. We’re all doing it and quickly, I might add. Two years ago my fast moving life put on the brakes and I found myself with a blow-out. My coma was an eye-opening experience, when my eyes did finally open. Health was gone and my life seriously at risk. Had I figured out the value of my liveliness long ago, instead of taking it for granted perhaps the fear of my children may have been averted. In the clear vision of hindsight I see how close I came to leaving them orphaned far too young. Gratefully, that Big Yellow Taxi drove off without me on board leaving in it’s place a quick appreciation for the health I do have and am regaining daily. In these subsequent months I have uncovered, resources I am compelled to share in my passion for spreading the word of how important what we eat is to our quality of living. I’m delighted to be alive to share it with you as we venture into this joy ride together; moving toward better and better health and wholeness.

What a trip,

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