Prelude to a Beginning

Here it is the end of May.
Class is out; the stage crossed.
Awards bestowed.
Anthems played.

All in past tense.
To come are brides to be kissed.
Father’s to be honored.
Flares to fire off.

And here I am in-between.
Watching the sunset
Exhaling, then,
What comes next, the inhale.

Somewhere betwixt back then, just moments ago,
And when, in just a little while, there am I.
Adjusting to what will never be again
Saying goodbye.

Merging into the next;
Staying open to buycbdproducts inhale
Taking it all in
Never to be again.

Tasting the blend of the fresh
Mixed with savorings of the freshly finished.
Constantly taking it all in.
Nourished by the moment.

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