Nightmare or Fairytale?

When I was a child, story time was among the most restorative and intimate times of my youth.  Curled up close to my mother, hearing her musical tones as she read aloud, I knew the story would end well and my nightmare of “regular” life would abate for a time.

Daniel Siegel, well-known author and research psychiatrist, proposes that making sense of our personal story, our historical narrative, allows us to flourish as whole human beings.  Failing to do so imprisons us in chaos.  Sustaining our well-being requires making sense of our lives.

We all live a story chapter by chapter, some fairytales, some nightmares, all relevant to us.  We have planet earth as our setting and if there are other human beings in our lives, we have conflict.  We hold our point of view as characters in our own live, interactive stories.  And with each passing year the complexity of our plot and plight increases.

Hope, the grounds for believing something good may happen, is the element of personal storytelling that moves us to the next chapter.  It keeps us turning the pages of our lives to see what’s next.  When faced with the effects of hydrofracting on our water supply, corporate lobbying to gut the Clean Air Act, oil continuing to leak into the gulf even though it’s not spilling into the news so often and the FDA’s approval of industrial farming of genetically modified salmon (this won’t be labeled in the stores, by the way), the tension builds and the loving arms of mother earth are threatened.  We are in the midst of a chilling episode in the human health tale.  All people over time have lived thrilling periods of foreboding.  But this one is ours to tell; we get to write the next chapter.

So where’s the hope; or at least, the comic relief?  Our own private personal acts of kindness to ourselves, our families and our greater community, of course. My personal white knight is  Dr. Myron Wentz and the lovely people he’s brought together in his work for life sustenance.  His entrepreneurial endeavors of Usana and Sanoviv, bright green companies with the highest integrity, have added years to my life that I may continue to write my own story and participate in the stories of those I love.  His philanthropic ventures with Children’s Hunger Fund have endowed future story-tellers to thrive. His engaging theme of breaking through barriers to what is possible is a theme I’m adopting on each page of my current tale.

Visit Usana’s website for a bit of hope for what ails you.  May you become legend.
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