How Are Your Framing Your Life?

Five years ago I wrote and published a book, Sweet Relief from the Everyday Narcissist. At the time, it was a heart-felt offering of support for people who find themselves stymied by their relationships with folks who are perpetually displeased with them. It was the “amen” to relationships I’d encountered that provided me a curriculum to learn what I, in turn, offered in Sweet Relief.

Getting that book on the shelf was a teeth-gnashing, nail-biting, gut-wrenching experience. I guess all births have a bit of that. It wasn’t the content; that was easy enough. The book production business was what required me to stretch into new postures of dis-comfort. With a great push, Sweet Relief came to be. And, like most life-changing experiences, it wasn’t over.

The publisher wanted a “platform” developed to launch the book. However, two things came quickly to mind. First, I just gave birth and was being asked to provide a sibling. I was tired and goodness knows I had no clue how to navigate the space-aged foreign territory of an internet presence.

Secondly, I’d once again be “married” to narcissism. Heaven forbid!
I thought I was finished. I wrote it to consolidate and punctuate. That was it. Period. Done. Finished. I did not want to fall back into that quagmire.

And then the dawn came: the frame changed. You know how they say, the frame makes the picture, well the picture went from feeling chained to narcissism to feeling gratitude for what I’d learned. If I had understood “back then” how to take better care of myself, those years of tears would have been shortened, if not avoided.

True, great learning, discovery and wisdom came from that curriculum and I value my education from those teachers–mother, friend, husband, boss. It’s made me a better person in general and a better therapist in particular.

So, here I am, taking the next steps into the landscape of platform development to offer what I’ve learned—about me, about listening to myself and about how to live with honesty, integrity and grit. Mevoke is a robust tool kit filled with ways and means to monitor and respond to your personal needs, wants, feelings and sensation, especially when confronted with the self-absorbed.

So buckle your seatbelt as I rev the engine for Mevoke: evoking the best in discovering your “me.”

Check out today’s “Mevoke Moment” for a reframe. 170328 The Frame

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